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At Storeworks, we understand the support requirements of mission critical systems.  We stand behind everything we build and curate.  As our design and architecture teams draft and build technology systems for varied applications, we strive for several goals:

  • Extensively vetting the products (hardware and software) that we curate for your technology strategies to ensure longevity and dependability.

  • Building kiosks and other physical equipment that are durable, reliable, and handily adjust to heavy workloads or customer traffic.

  • Extensive integration, field testing, and go-live support to minimize the need for off-site equipment repair and troubleshooting.

  • Our build-and-launch procedures minimize necessary repairs.

Yet even the most reliable system components are prone to wear-and-tear, accidents, spills, and breakage.  Repairs must happen accurately and quickly to preserve your up-time and integrated operations store-wide.

It’s essential to trust your service provider to be transparent, expedient, and use excellent communication to ensure your retail operations’ continued efficiency when equipment breaks down.

Sometimes, it’s ideal to perform repairs in-store, when shipping equipment is both expensive and risky and where components need to be tested and qualified within the entire store system.  For other equipment, it is most cost-effective and timely to replace the equipment immediately and then have the broken equipment repaired by qualified repair technicians at a certified repair facility. 

Maintaining all your store’s technology systems is complex and time-consuming.  Some equipment repairs can occur on-site, while others must take place at a designated repair location.  For mission-critical equipment, you need working equipment at the store quickly.  Storeworks can help you determine and implement the most effective process for each store system to include these aspects:

  • Expertise and extended on-line support resources 

  • Technical Support programs designed to meet your specific business needs by matching service offerings to your objectives

  • A team of support engineers trained to quickly respond to post-purchase inquiries

  • Technical assistance delivered through a combination of remote telephone, web-based, and onsite support

  • Senior Technical Support Engineers certified on our products, industry technologies and platforms so they are proficient at trouble-shooting and diagnosing complex technical problems

  • Quick and dependable repairs if needed, on-site, or in the appropriate dedicated repair facility

  • Industry-leading case management tools to effectively track each case from cradle to grave

  • A customer support organization with an amazing customer satisfaction rating that is earned every day by providing fast, effective solutions to your technology challenges

  • A robust system to maintain asset integrity by ensuring check-in and check-out processes are robust

  • Customer-owned warehouses to ensure your spares pools are maintained accurately and safely

You can rest assured that when equipment breaks down or mishaps occur, Storeworks will be there to stand by our equipment and installation with speedy, effective, and convenient service. 

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