Inventory Management

Business owners know that a well-managed inventory supports customers’ ability to click and collect. Storeworks allows you to be the master of your inventory. You will know in real-time with precision accuracy where your merchandise is, so order fulfillment is a breeze.

Your customers need to know what is available and where. If customers can choose a location and shop from their home computer, click and collect becomes a viable option.

You need a system that tracks where items are, how much they cost, and potential shipping estimates. An easy to navigate, efficient system will keep customers on your site without venturing to your competitor.

Adding Storeworks to your team will make inventory management manageable! We take the stress and worry out of managing your inventory so you can focus on what you do best.

Omnichannel fulfillment is essential. Whether an item is a store or your warehouse, your customers need easy access to it. If they can get it easier and faster somewhere else, you likely lost a customer.

Accurate inventory from all locations is vital to conquering the omnichannel challenge. Storeworks will put in place systems that allow your stores and warehouses to communicate with each other, so merchandise is easily tracked.

Storeworks will also help improve satisfaction among all of your customers. When your inventory is well-managed, you ensure the products your customer wants are in stock. Further, your customer will know upfront when they can expect it.

Inventory management does not only benefit your customers; it helps your bottom line. If you have accurate and visible inventory, you can sell more. If your product is not being tracked correctly and available to be delivered to customers who want it, you miss out on profit.

Storeworks will partner with you to ensure you have an accurate inventory management process in place. Help your customers and yourself. Storeworks is here to help.

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