Communication (Voice over wifi)

In an intelligent warehouse, all the moving parts need to not only work together; they need to be efficient. The key to this is useful and accurate communication.

People are essential to business. Without good employees, things would not get done. However, people make mistakes. The best way to minimize inaccuracies and slow-downs is digitizing information and making your warehouse work for you.

In today’s age, businesses need to be without flaws. What might seem like a small mishap can lead to loss of revenue, employees, and customers. An efficient warehouse mitigates problems with sound strategy and solutions to keep functions at all levels accurate.

Communication in the warehouse is crucial. Voice over WiFi is the leading technology in the field.

Warehouses come in all shapes and sizes. It doesn’t matter whether your warehouse is a distribution center or full of pallets; Storeworks has a solution to increase your output and accuracy.

If your operations are not accurate, efficiency goes down, the cost goes up, and customers lose satisfaction. If your employees can use their voice and scanning and visual devices, they can increase their performance and accuracy.

With a Storeworks solution, your operations will be more accurate. Your workers can use spoken instructions with input modes to complete more tasks accurately. Our voice-directed options are multi-faceted and wearable with accuracy rates near 100%

A huge benefit of voice over wifi is how streamlined the process becomes. Whether picking, routing, verifying, or updating inventory, clear and concise communication can increase productivity.

With streamlined processes comes speed. Using Storeworks as a guide, your operations can increase with voice-directed picking. Your dedicated employees will know immediately where inventory is and if it has been moved. Seasonal workers will be brought up to speed even faster.

Contact Storeworks today to see how we can enhance communication in your intelligent warehouse.