Your intelligent warehouse is only as good as its output. No matter how hard your stores, online design teams, and customer service work to move products, your warehouse has to get it on a truck and out the door.

Warehouses can be massive. You need a system to accurately track every piece of inventory in your warehouse and have a method to quickly and accurately pick those items.

Whether the product is going directly to a customer, a distribution center, store, or another warehouse, you need a solution that can efficiently trace and obtain those products. 

Storeworks can help picking in your intelligent warehouse in a variety of ways.

To have an effective picking solution, the process needs to be streamlined. Our solutions simplify the process with technology that finds the quickest route to items, verifies the item in real-time, and immediately updates your inventory.

Storeworks can increase how accurate your intelligent warehouse is, as well. Your workers can use their voices to speak instructions. Furthermore, there are other input methods to ensure there is no downtime. Our wearable solutions will increase your accuracy to almost 100%.

Your intelligent warehouse will also work faster. With voice picking, inventory can be located and obtained quickly. Whether seasoned or seasonal, all of your workers will be able to locate and select items without delay.

Contact Storeworks today. Our team of experts will work with you to ensure every aspect of your warehouse is efficient and accurate. Get items off the shelf faster with a picking solution from Storeworks.

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