I used to work for a company I couldn’t believe in because of the values (or lack thereof) that governed the team. When I launched my business, my priority was to clarify my business and personal values so that everyone in the company had a reliable ‘values compass’ from which to operate.

We run Storeworks as a fully functional business ecosystem to benefit our clients, team members, and partners through symbiotic relationships we cultivate from the foundation of our core values.

Anil Konkimalla, Founder & CEO

Our Purpose

Empower everyone we serve, lead, or collaborate with to reach their full potential every day.

Our Vision

Our clients, our team members, and our partners thrive in the business ecosystem we create.

Our Mission

We create linked growth for employees, partners, and clients by providing retail stores with technologies and services that help our clients thrive.

Combining Purpose, Vision, & Mission Into Superior Service

Our purpose, vision, and mission combine within the following core values, which have become our essence, identity, and culture:

We are trustworthy and accountable for our actions. We are always honest with our clients and hold ourselves to the highest service and product standards.

Fearless Pursuit Of Solutions
There are no cookie-cutter solutions with Storeworks. Your stores and your brand have unique challenges, and you need partners who can customize your answers with a laser-focus on the problems at hand. We won’t stop until what we offer precisely matches your needs.

All In
We treat every client with absolute care and relentless dedication.

Embracing Change
Challenges change over time, and so must your store and warehouse solutions. We remain open to possibilities, taking risks, and continually learning your business and performance goals as they shift with the times and circumstances.

Superior Service

Storeworks retail clients (and, in turn, their customers) remain central, always.

We deliver end-to-end store automation, fulfillment, and smart warehouse solutions with a customer-centric model at heart.

Here’s how that works:

  1. We provide customer-focused leadership because you know your business better than anyone else. Our goal is to learn, innovate, and deliver what you need when you need it most.
  2. We seek to understand your customers because satisfying your audience means expanding your brand loyalty, longevity, and relevance in a continually changing marketplace.
  3. We leverage your team’s expertise and experience with our partnerships, wisdom, and project management to design the store experience that delivers on all levels.
  4. We help you empower your front line employees to be effective leaders each day with your customer base.
  5. We provide metrics that matter so you can continually adjust your approach to always deliver the highest guest experience possible for your brand.
  6. Your feedback drives our improvement, and we always welcome it. If something’s not quite right for you, it’s not quite right for us either. We’ll work relentlessly to course-correct, so your store operations run smoothly without interruption.

Stand Out With Storeworks

Creating a collaborative and rewarding project environment is how we lock in marketplace success for all our retail clients. Store upgrades succeed best when the “human” factor is a priority at every stage of your project.

Not only can Storeworks provide you with custom-curated technological solutions that expand your brand’s reach and enhance the customer experience, but we also prioritize your experience with us first, last, and always.

Contact Storeworks today to schedule a consultation for store and warehouse automation excellence that places your satisfaction and comfort above all else.