Device Management

With components like headsets, in-store kiosks, self-check-out equipment, and Point of Sale terminals, you need a steady and reliable partner to ensure your devices stay functional and in-stock.

If an employee sits on a headset and breaks it, your in-store communication takes a hit. If a stocking pallet collides with a kiosk and renders it out of service, you could miss out on customer revenue, as well as diminishing the superior buying experience you’ve worked hard to create.

Device management is a service that takes the burden of ensuring continual functional device deployment off your shoulders.

Enter, Storeworks Device Management. Our dedicated Device Management teams ensure you stay functional and on-time across all corners of your automation.

Our expert team of technicians and support staff can help you ensure you never miss a minute of productivity and automation in your stores and fulfillment centers. We offer:

  • Incident and problem management
  • Software updates
  • 72-hour device repair
  • Single point-of-contact for repairs and replacement
  •  24-hour device replacement
  • Spare device pool management
  • 24/7 device help desk support

We customize the level of device management to your needs, recognizing that each of our retail clients has unique challenges and device necessities. Our goal is, first and foremost, to help you win in customer experience and loyalty. 

When your automation suffers, so does the customer experience. Competent and expedient Device Management keeps you on top of your game, and your customers and employees encounter equipment that works with each transaction.

You create retail synergy when your devices integrate seamlessly, and function reliably. In other words, when your machines play well together, your entire operation can focus more resources on product innovation, customer service, audience-building, and more sales.

We stand behind what we create and curate so you can stand behind your products and services.