Click and Collect

Businesses today need a way for customers to shop from anywhere. Even before COVID hit, the trend of buying from home was rapidly becoming more and more popular.

Today, more than ever, customers want to shop online and pick up their merchandise or items from the store. Click and collect allows businesses to make each store a fulfillment center. 

No longer do businesses have to coordinate pickups and shipping from a distant warehouse or fulfillment center. Customers can head to their local branch and pick up what they need that day in many instances.

Whether customers want to buy online and pick up in the store or buy online and return in the store, technology and processes have to be in place to allow businesses to meet these needs with ease.

While customers are flocking to online shopping and picking up in the store, this area remains a challenge for businesses. Whether the challenge remains to enhance store operations or figure out how to run your warehouse and back office, Storeworks can help.

Storeworks has a reputation for helping businesses. CEOs know that when they trust Storeworks, they always have a partner. We are available to you when you need it, making sure your endeavors are successful.

To meet your customer’s expectations, you, as a business, have to be competitive and efficiently deliver the results your customers expect.

Storeworks has solutions that help you meet your customer’s expectations. From the ease of shopping online to locating the order in-store to recognizing shoppers, Storeworks ensures every step of the fulfillment process is efficient.

Finally, ensuring returns are handled with ease is vital to businesses and their customers. Storeworks makes this process simple for your stores. From accepting a return to tracking where the returned stock is processed and where it is needed, Storeworks ensures that your operation sees no downtime during the return process.

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