MOBILITY | Bring Your STorefront to the A-Game

Staying competitive in today’s uncertain brick-and-mortar retail climate means providing top-tier experiences to store visitors. 

If patrons don’t love what they find in your store, they’ll leave. They may not ever return. Even worse, they may drop poor reviews on Google and social media. Nothing kills a retailer faster than unsatisfactory store visits.

Sleek, modern store designs and relevant, first-rate products don’t counterbalance long lines, non-existent or non-attentive staff, and inaccurate inventory metrics. So, how do you combat those common retail customer repellants? Embrace in-store mobility solutions.

Empower Your Most Valuable Asset: Your Employees

Teamwork makes the dream work in any retail organization. From the C-suite to the store aisles, give your team the power to assist customers and improve in-store experiences on the spot. Staff empowerment is paramount to store and brand loyalty from customers and staff alike.

For example, no one loves waiting in long check-out lines. However, if you equip your staff members with mobile point-of-sale tablets and wireless headsets, a quick and convenient check-out can occur anywhere your customers pile up.

This scenario is a win-win: your customers love the personal touch of a dedicated mobile check-out person. Your employees interact with happy and grateful customers, instead of cranky people who’ve waited in line forever.

Further, smart solutions like fulfillment software on a mobile tablet can allow your employees to assist customers in ordering items that are not in stock. Mobile printing stations enable an employee from a different store to label and ship an item to the customer with only a few taps on a screen.

Bonus: mobile printing stations also function as labeling devices for pricing, sales mark-downs, and other product planning functions.

Safety and in-Store Mobility go Hand-in-Hand

Store capacity requirements fluctuate with changing guidelines, and social distancing is the new normal. In-store mobility solutions can help you keep customers coming back, despite the blanket of caution now over in-store retail shopping.

Helping customers locate items with accurate inventory, and checking out on-the-spot with a mobile device POS means patrons spend less time browsing and more time buying. 

If you must restrict your store capacity in your region, you can move customer traffic more efficiently through your stores. Mobility tools can help you shorten a line of customers outside your door.

Discover the Impact of Customized Mobility with Storeworks

Every retailer has a unique array of in-store challenges and mobility opportunities. Partner with Storeworks to discover the mobile solutions that provide the most significant ROI for your business model.

We can scale any mobility solution to fit your organization’s size and scope. We’ll also stay laser-focused on the customer experience at each store you operate. Keep your customers coming back (safely) with our customized, in-store mobile solutions.

Our expert team of architects, designers, software specialists, and project managers will guide your mobile solution implementation from end to end. You’ll enjoy a seamless integration that works from the words “go-live.”

Contact us today, and we’ll be in touch to plan and implement your comprehensive mobile solution strategy.