On-the-ground accuracy and efficiency is at the leading edge of customer experience, employee satisfaction, and retail ROI. Having a team of experienced helpers at every step of your business system transition is paramount to preserving your up-time, educating your staff on new processes and technology, and ensuring a smooth and seamless transition to the new technology.

Outsourcing installation services to an expert, experienced team means you can focus your internal resources on what you do best: innovating products, recruiting talented employees and leaders, and expanding your retail reach.

When elevating your business aspirations, it’s equally intelligent to hire a collaborator who “gets” you, no matter the size or scale of your organization.

Taking retail strategy from ideas to physical and digital implementation requires a careful balance of timeliness, flexibility, accuracy, responsiveness, communication, and transparency.

Storeworks provides comprehensive, expert field technicians for every type of retail implementation. Here’s what our field service team does:

  • Identification of qualified and experienced technicians for the specific project
  • Joint creation of a field implementation schedule that meets your retail timeline in an efficient, cost-effective manner with minimal risk
  • Scheduling and training of technicians to ensure their readiness
  • Hardware and software installation on site
  • Technical and logistical support for all field operations to ensure consistent quality workmanship at every installation location
  • Removal and recycling of outgoing hardware
  • Low voltage cabling and cable management
  • Asset management
  • Transparent and clear communication between the Storeworks project management team, field technicians, and your stakeholders at each step of your implementation
  • Equipment diagnostics, integration, and troubleshooting
  • Go-live support as your new system comes online
  • Training for store personnel on the use of the new system
  • Aesthetics, logistics, and follow-up for highest client satisfaction and system functionality

Retail store knowledge comes only with experience and the Storeworks team has amassed years of valuable industry acumen. Expertise with retail merchandising, selling, inventory, operations and point of sale allow us to put ourselves in the shoes of the shoppers, associates, managers and executives who are driving the retail technology decisions.  

Our end-to-end attention to detail means your retail solutions get the priority they deserve. 

For results that increase operations efficiency while enhancing customer experience and employee engagement, partner with Storeworks today.

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