While digital signage becomes ever-present in today’s store layouts, this crucial retailer tool is often underused. 


Yes, digital signs display brand, product, or directional guidance, but they can do so much more. They will improve your customer’s shopping experience and, in turn, their loyalty to your brand.


We partner with SkyKit (a leading cloud-based content management system) to help you deliver relevant store and product information in real time. With accurate and timely in-store content, you convey your priorities of convenience, safety, knowledge, and service to your guests.


Changing your content in the moment is simple and easily adaptable to systems you already use with cloud-based software. With Storeworks and our partners, scaling and customizing your digital signage easily across all locations is not only possible, it’s inevitable.


  • Deploying a digital signage and content management strategy can help you deliver  the following experiences to your customers in a dynamic and visually appealing manner

  • Brand engagement and relevance

  • Product and services advertising

  • In-store customer traffic flow

  • Browser-to-buyer conversion in store (with product information such as materials, manufacturing processes, environmental impact, or ethical trade policies visible through digital signage, customers are more likely to increase their number of purchases.)

  • Online following and engagement by re-using social content in-store

  • Customer brand identification, and “social proof” reviews and endorsements with voluntary online feedback from your existing customers. (When in-store visitors see real-life examples of how your store created customer solutions on your digital signage, they may be more likely to purchase.)

  • Show your customers using your products in real life

  • Styling and usage suggestions and instructions

  • Product suggestions based on local weather or events


Let’s look at how optimized digital signage can help you thrive with an advancing and evolving retail environment.

Digital Signs are Dynamic

Did you know the biggest advantage of employing digital signage is flexibility? Your signs can pivot their message quickly and easily. They let customers know when you have new products in-store, a seasonal sale, a flash clearance, a special promotion, a local event. They also inform your audience of changing customer safety guidelines.


Strategically placing monitors throughout your store, and integrating them with intuitive content management software (like our partners at SkyKit), empowers your staff to deliver content specifically for their guests and elevates your customer service to a new level.

Keep Your Customers Safe

Installing a large digital sign outside your store can keep customers informed on store capacity, giving them confidence the store environment is maintained for their safety and convenience . Further, you can advertise products and educate guests on changing customer policies before entering the store doors. 


A well-implemented digital sign with up-to-the minute, localized content helps you increase sales opportunities and improve customer experience while keeping lines down and in-store traffic flow consistent and socially distanced. 


Curate the solutions that serve your needs with Storeworks


Our team of architects, designers, IT and software specialists, and project managers help you curate and create the digital signage solutions that serve your unique business goals.


We work with you and your stakeholders to pin-point your brand, end-to-end before we dive in with our guidance and expertise. Working with Storeworks is a synergistic experience–the results total more than the sum of the parts.


Collaborate with us to seamlessly blend your signage with your brand aesthetic and your sales goals. Your digital signage will show you’re the authority on a streamlined, safe, and welcoming shopping experience. 


Digital signage is your first customer touchpoint, and it must be on-point for you to thrive as a retailer. When customers feel you’ve anticipated their needs and desires with your digital signage, they trust your brand at deeper levels.


Contact us today to create the digital signage solutions that garner engagement, enthusiasm, and loyalty from your audience.