secure payment

Payment security is like the piano player in a jazz band: no one notices when it’s working, but EVERYONE notices when it’s not.


Security breaches at any size retailer can kill the positive, trustworthy, long-standing (or fledgling) reputation you’ve painstakingly built in one keystroke. To prevent this payment reputation wash-out, get proactive with your payment security solutions today.


Now more than ever, payment security means customer health and safety at the check-out also. Providing trustworthy options for guests to purchase your products, like contactless payments, is the wave of the present for retailer success.

Why invest in increased payment security?

If you’re storing transaction and/or customer payment information internally, it’s wise to offload that risk to a third party. Here’s why:

  • Narrow your PCI scope by isolating your payments process from your POS and all other store systems
  • Employing payment software gives you features you do not often have with legacy POS systems. Customer loyalty programs and enhanced customer communications are just two of the perks of using current payment software and hardware. Plus, you can have expanded ability to engage your guests with your brand messages and discover more details about your ideal buyers that help you serve them at higher levels when you outsource secure payments.
  • You hand over all PCI compliance requirements to a specialist–no more extensive certification forms to fill out or deadlines to meet.
  • You can expand customer payment options to encompass cash and credit or debit card dips, but also contactless payments like taps and mobile wallet solutions. When customer health and safety are a priority, contactless payments are the way to go.

What do secure payments look like for my business?

Every retailer has a unique set of secure payment challenges and opportunities. If you run a large-scale operation with many locations or franchisees, you’ll want secure payment solutions designed to get online quickly and roll out predictably in every corner of your service region.


For smaller and mid-sized retailers, you need solutions that remain nimble and provide a speedy ROI, for sure.


Storeworks is proud to partner with the leading payment solution providers in the world, like Verifone and Ingenico, to customize our clients’ secure payment solutions.


To get the most out of secure payment solutions, you’ll want to deploy a blend of hardware (POS and/or self-checkout stations), payment software, and mobile payment solutions (like tablets or handheld computers). The type and number of each component will differ based on your business size and customer experience goals.


Why contactless payments should be a top retailer priority

While contactless payments have been slower to catch on in the US, the recent pandemic has made this secure payment platform option a no-brainer in domestic and foreign retailers alike.


Contactless payments provide retailers with payment solutions designed to speed the transaction process while still keeping patrons’ payment information safe. 


Plus, with a tap-and-pay process, the customer does not have to touch anything to purchase their products. You can enhance store cleanliness, customer health and well-being, and eliminate lines with these leading-edge POS systems.


Here are some criteria to address in any contactless payment system transition:

  • Automatic card selection (no dips or swipes necessary)
  • Loyalty point accrual and redemption, or other customer benefits (guests can access their loyalty benefits or promotions with ease and convenience at check-out)
  • 2-factor security authentication (ensuring a safe and secure transaction is paramount to guest experience and satisfaction)

Customization is King at Storeworks

Your payment system is the heart of your retail business and thus is mission-critical.  Partner with the payment experts at Storeworks to guide you in the decision-making process.  We also help implement your upgraded system to ensure a smooth transition, both for your customers and for all your internal systems that rely on payment data.


We help you curate and launch your customized and optimized secure payment system, after extensive research on your company business model, internal finance systems, sales and branding goals, and specific customer experience challenges. 


Contact us to benefit from our secure payment solution expertise and end-to-end client support.