Receiving is an essential aspect of not just warehouse efficiency but overall organizational efficiency. Having a system to deal with real-time problems, issues, and developments are critical to maintaining operations and profit.

Unfortunately, shortages, damages, and inaccuracies happen in this business. However, a good business solution is the difference between a negative impact on your downline and the ability to maintain customer satisfaction.

Your warehouse needs to be able to receive all of the items you need, whether inventory, office supplies, or equipment for the warehouse. Everything received needs to be tracked and accounted for.

With a Storeworks solution, your intelligent warehouse can more effectively receive all of the items your business relies on to succeed. With our solutions, your warehouse can digitally receive data, transfer to your Warehouse Management System, and track shipping notices.

With a Storeworks receiving solution, your operations will be streamlined. With our devices, you will be able to immediately identify shipments by scanning barcodes or relying on RFID tags. Combined with our mobility solutions, your warehouse employees will be able to get more done with less effort.

Not only will your warehouse be more efficient, but it will also be more accurate. With advanced scanning and tracking technologies, you will know where everything is in real-time. Knowing locations and destinations will allow items to be moved faster with fewer errors. Everything is traced.

With Storeworks, our solutions include mobility options as well. These resources increase communication between areas of your warehouse as well as departments and employees. Information about all of your inventory can be sent wirelessly throughout your organization.

Reach out to Storeworks today for the most efficient receiving solutions in the business.

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