Shopper Analytics

The best way to be profitable is to know who your customers are and what they are buying. Shopper analytics tells businesses everything they know about their customers. 

In today’s society, we are long past phone surveys or email questionnaires. It is possible to track customer satisfaction in real-time based on how often they shop, what they shop for, or what items they buy on your website.

Beyond just what someone buys, it is essential to know what they are browsing, how often they look, if they are looking and not buying, and more.

You need to be able to measure traffic to your store and site as well as conversions. Browsing and buying are entirely different things. Why are some customers only looking at items and not purchasing? The answer to that is crucial.

Understanding your customers will help your bottom line. Storeworks can create systems to help you track what customers are doing so you can increase efficiency.

If you partner with Storeworks, we can help you understand how your store is performing. With our systems, you will understand how you are performing against your competition down to the zip code of each store.

Storeworks can also help you gain valuable insight that is quantitative into your customers. You can better understand the experience, loyalty, and sales for each customer and how you can increase them based on data.

Rather than a trial and error method of enhancing customer experience, you will be able to identify meaningful ways to create change throughout your organization easily. These changes will help customers and benefit your business, as well.

Let Storeworks create a solution for you that helps you better understand shopper analytics and how you can use this data to increase sales and profit.