Why Large Retailers Need Equipment and Software Subscriptions

Upgrading your stores is paramount to staying relevant as a retailer. Equipment and software subscriptions provide an attractive and necessary means to keep your stores visible and thriving in a wildly turbulent retail sector.

Amplifying your online ordering, in-store or curbside fulfillment, and improving the in-person shopping experience can mean the difference between boosting sales and foundering in obscurity. 

To check all the customer desire boxes for safety, convenience, in-store shopping experience, and digital ordering, your equipment and software must stay current. Ensuring your stores can keep pace with guest requirements without overspending your capital budget line takes creativity and flexibility each year. 

When one store-upgrade expense only begets ten more, Storeworks provides comprehensive store automation, smart warehouse, and fulfillment solutions to fit any retail challenge. 

Storeworks helps you acquire every piece of hardware, software, and staff augmentation you need with a customized subscription plan that keeps you agile and eliminates downtime. Contact us today to discover what’s possible for your stores with unbeatable strategy, support, and pricing.

Why not buy?

Most store owners understand the value and necessity of retail store upgrades like:

  • Store automation equipment (automatic check-out stations, inventory pickers, digital signage, and retail order kiosks)
  • Mobility solutions (Mobile checkouts, headsets, scanners)
  • Fulfillment solutions (robotic pickers, integrated software, floor space redesigns)

Many retail company CFO’s are also painfully aware that what may start as a simple equipment purchase can mushroom into many more purchases to make the full project roll-out successful.

When you purchase a piece of equipment like a digital sign, you must also invest in several more tools, resources, and support to “make it go.”  

You’ll have to acquire software and licensing, training for your in-store staff to update the day-to-day messaging, and strategy for your corporate staff to translate your branding and marketing initiatives to the new signs across an entire store chain. 

Plus, the digital sign itself must meet or exceed your quality and use requirements. With a growing number of equipment and software choices entering the market, purchasing the “right” systems can put retail leadership under tremendous pressure. 

Now take that same pressure, and apply it to every store upgrade necessary to compete for loyal customers in today’s retail landscape.

Equipment and Software subscriptions keep you responsive

Factory worker using application on mobile smartphone to operrate automation for modern trade. Checking order in large warehouse. Import and export the shipping cargo.While large capital expenditures may grant you a first-year depreciation tax advantage, it’s wise to consider equipment and software subscriptions as you continually upgrade your stores. Here’s why:

  1. Stay nimble with comprehensive, creative equipment equipment, and software subscriptions. Instead of locking yourself into hardware and software that may become obsolete next year, you can continually update your customer experience with leading-edge systems at a relatively stable monthly expense.
  2. Offload your risk. When you shift into a “subscription” or leasing model, you’ll transfer risk to the lessor. Equipment repairs and software troubleshooting remain the provider’s responsibility, not yours. All you have to do is make a phone call, and repairs and support services stay at your fingertips.
  3. Increase your cash availability. Massive capital expenditures can wipe out spending budgets quickly. Keep more cash on hand and feel like you have more financial wiggle room when you subscribe to a customized store upgrade system.
  4. Enjoy fully customizable solutions for your size and scale. Successful store upgrades require several phases for chain-wide implementation. The ability to ramp your subscription up or down to your desired scale is a significant advantage in equipment and software subscriptions.
  5. Set your terms. Determine the length and scope of your subscription according to your needs and top challenges. When your stores need to pivot quickly, a subscription could move with you while supporting continued store innovations.

It’s possible to get every store upgrade in one place

Filling Website Online Registration Form On Laptop ScreenWhen entering into any size store automation, in-store fulfillment, or smart warehouse upgrade, expenses can mount alarmingly quickly. It’s wise to partner with a niche expert at a fraction of the cost you would spend covering all the store-upgrade criteria in-house.

Significant store automation changes mean an intricate process of:

  • Consultation (detailing your project needs, budget, and timeline with all stakeholders)
  • Staff augmentation (filling gaps on your existing team to ensure successful project roll-out)
  • Project management (ensuring your upgrade proceeds on time and on a budget)
  • Proof of concept (Obtaining several viable solution sets)
  • Lab testing (Testing each solution set to discover the winning package for your organization)
  • Prepping store kits (including logistics and distribution to ensure a timely and uniform implementation across your entire brand)
  • Installation and store associate training (ensuring your whole-staff confidence and competence with the new systems)
  • Maintenance (troubleshooting and repairs with minimal down-time, in-field visits, and software support)

Continual store upgrades are necessary for sustainable business growth, visibility, and relevance. Your customers must trust you have their best interests in mind to remain loyal to your brand. 

How do you maximize your time, financial investment, and ROI when many store upgrades present seemingly insurmountable obstacles?

Each store upgrade step comes with a significant price tag and implementation hurdles unless you find a partner. You’ll need a team with the expertise to handle every aspect of hardware and software curation, purchasing, and implementation. Storeworks is that partner.

Storeworks: pulling your successful store upgrades together with excellence

With so many moving parts to upgrading your stores for optimal online and in-person customer safety, convenience, and experience, you need a strong collaborator. Storeworks can help your systems and equipment deliver the highest ROI to your brand with a subscription plan.

Think of Storeworks as the conductor who pulls together all of the individual “instruments” and makes them play in harmony. Making your operation hum with efficiency and innovation is what we do best.

We begin by discovering your brand challenges in-store and online. Then, we craft, curate, and build the systems that meet your needs at scale. Plus, we provide all of our services within a customized monthly Storeworks subscription plan.

Contact us today, and we’ll reach out to schedule a consultation. Discover how Storeworks and our extensive partner list can keep you at the forefront of store innovation, guest experience, and brand loyalty.