Network Infrastructure

Many of the anchor retailers in the U.S. are implementing wireless networks designed to support BYOD and prolific enterprise mobility.  Are you ready? 

Planned and executed properly, WLAN can be a stable, secure foundation for Omni-Channel.  It can help you foster a proactive, collaborative partnership with your internal customers: 

Tablets?"  Sure!

“Kiosks?”  No problem. 

“QR code scan-to-launch video streaming over BYOD applications?”  When can we start?

If you pick the wrong partner and fail to properly plan and execute on WLAN, be prepared for the moniker “Department of NO!” and to remain in semi-permanent reactionary mode with your internal customers.

Storeworks consults with you to identify the appropriate network environment for your stores, capable of supporting innovative technologies including: MPOS, Omni-Channel, Digital Signage, RFID, BYOD, Shopper Tracking & Analytics and Security.

Examples of the innovative approach we take:

  • Our clients benefit today from Network as a Service, where they are able to focus their precious IT resources elsewhere and rely on a trusted partner to support and manage their store networks for them. LAN, WLAN and WIPS Hardware, Software, Installation, support and maintenance, even mobile computers and tablets, are included in our offering with Uptime guaranteed under an SLA.
  • Do you have an allergy to WLAN in your stores due to PCI compliance concerns? We can help. Our clients benefit from our proven solutions that minimize the scope of PCI and shrink your exposure to audit expense.
  • Kitting, Staging and Installation of network hardware are often overlooked components of the retail store network. Our world class architects, project managers, integration technicians and installation engineers do the hard work and deliver projects on time and on budget.

The store network is your canvas. Will your internal business partners believe you are able to create masterpieces or finger paintings?

Benefit from our experience and expertise; engage with Storeworks today.